If you work in a team, you can easily add your team members to your account and provide them with different permission levels so they can have access to all the important information about bookings and revenue, and other features they might need. The number of staff members you can add to your account depends on the subscription plan you are on.

In order to add a staff member:

  1. Select Staff management & Resources from the left sidebar:
  2. Click the + button at the bottom.
  3. Enter the staff member's name.
  4. Provide the contact details - email address and, optionally, phone number.
  5. Decide whether you want to send an invitation and create an account for the staff member, so that they can sign in to Booksy by themselves. If so, leave the Invite and create Booksy account? option enabled, so that the employee will receive an email with an invitation to use Booksy and a password they can use to sign in for the first time. Otherwise, disable the option - the invitation will not be sent and you can send it later on:
  6. Select the permission level. Depending on the level you choose, the staff member will have access to a different set of features. You can see details of each of them after clicking the Permission level drop-down menu. Select the checkbox next to the appropriate level:
  7. Optionally, add information about the staff member's position.
  8. Optionally, enter a short description of the staff member's experience. The description will be displayed in your Booksy Profile to help clients decide who to book with.
  9. Click Assign services on the right and select the services that the staff member performs from the list of services. Click Select.
  10. If you want your clients to be able to book with the staff member online, make sure the Available for booking on customer app option at the top of the page is enabled. Otherwise, disable the option:
  11. Click Save.