Last Minute Discount will help you fill in empty slots in your calendar by offering a discount for clients who book up to four hours before the appointment start time. It's a good choice if another client cancelled last minute or you have a break in your calendar that will probably not fill otherwise.

In order to set a Last Minute Discount:

  1. Click Marketing in the left sidebar.
  2. Click Promotions. If you are setting up a promotion for the first time, you will see a pop-up window encouraging to enable them. On the pop-up, click Ok, set up promotions.
  3. Click Last minute discount:
  4. By default, the discount is applied to all services. You can change the setting by clicking Applied to all services and selecting the ones you want to apply it to from the list:
  5. Set the discount percentage using the + and - button or enter the percentage:
  6. Set the booking window (1-4 hours), which is the maximum amount of time before the appointment starts that your clients need to book.
  7. Click Start promotion. The Last Minute Discount will be activated. Optionally, you can send a message to your clients and inform them of the promotion. To do so, click Send the message on the pop-up that appears, create a custom message for your clients, and choose the clients you want to send the message to.