Happy Hours is a type of promotion that will help you encourage clients to book on days and times that are typically slow. You can set up a discount for any number of days in a week and select a suitable discount for each of them separately. The discount can be applied to all or selected services.

In order to enable Happy Hours:

  1. Click Marketing in the left sidebar.
  2. Click Promotions. If you are setting up promotions for the first time, you will see a pop-up window encouraging to enable them. On the pop-up, click Ok, set up promotions.
  3. Click Happy hours:
  4. Choose a day when you want to set up Happy Hours.
  5. Select the start time and the end time. Appointments scheduled within the time slot will be discounted:
  6. Set the discount percentage using the + and - buttons or enter the percentage:
  7. By default, Happy Hours are applied to all services. You can change the setting by clicking the Applied to all services option:
  8. If you want to offer the same discount on different days of the week, you can select the Copy settings and apply to other days checkbox. You will be able to select the days once you start the promotion.
    Tip: If you want to enable Happy Hours for more days in a week but with different settings, you have to set up the discount for each day separately.
  9. Click Start promotion in the right top corner. The promotion will be enabled. Optionally, you can send a message to your clients and inform them of the discount. To do so, click Send the message on the pop-up that appears, create a custom message for your clients, and choose the clients you want to send the message to.