A Flash Sale is a type of promotion which you can enable for a limited period of time, for example to promote a service, celebrate a special occasion or to encourage your clients to book. You can offer your services at a discounted price for up to 90 days but you can just as well set up a discount just for a day or two.

In order to start a Flash Sale:

  1. Click Marketing in the left sidebar.
  2. Click Promotions. If you are setting up a promotion for the first time, you will see a pop-up window encouraging to enable them. On the pop-up, click Ok, set up promotions.
  3. Click Flash sale:
  4. Select the services you want to apply the discount to. You can apply it to all services or select individual services from the list:
  5. Set the discount percentage using the + and - buttons or enter the percentage:
  6. Select the Sale period which determines how long your sale will be offered to clients.
  7. Select the Booking date(s) to qualify. This is the time period within which appointments can be scheduled so that the sale applies.
  8. Click Start promotion in the top right corner. The Flash Sale will be activated. Optionally, you can send a message to your clients and inform them of the discount. To do so, click Send the message on the pop-up that appears, create a custom message for your clients, and choose the clients you want to send the message to.