What are Message Blasts?

Message Blasts are automated messages you can send to your clients to encourage them to book with you and to keep them up-to-date. In Booksy, you have access to message templates for different occasions and you can customize them to reflect your brand identity. You can also create your own message templates and send them out to your clients at any time.

How does it work?

We have prepared campaigns which will help you take care of your clients' first impression, reactivate them if they haven't visited you for some time or celebrate holidays and special occasions with them, e.g. by offering a discount.

Once you activate a campaign, messages will be sent to clients when certain conditions have been met. For example, if you activate the First impression - Welcome a new client campaign, the message will be sent automatically to every new client two hours after their first visit. The dispatch rules are explained in the Message Blasts section in Booksy (Marketing > Message Blasts).

You can also send a one-off newsletter to all or selected clients to inform them of new services, last minute openings or price changes. Haven't found a template you want to use? Create your own custom message.

What are the benefits?

Message Blasts will help you stay in touch with your clients even when you're busy with everyday tasks. Automated campaigns are essential for your marketing efforts and will let you focus on your business, while Booksy will take care of the rest.