Booksy facilitates your inventory management and helps you keep track of your stock levels. First, you need to add products to your inventory in Booksy. Once done, you'll be able to keep a record of any changes to your stock levels and monitor the product rotation.

To facilitate adding products to your inventory, it is recommended to create product categories first.

Important: the Inventory module is only available in Booksy Biz Pro, web version.

In order to add a product:

  1. Click Inventory in the left sidebar.
  2. Click the + button in the right bottom corner of the All products section.
  3. Add the product name and, optionally, a catalog name.
  4. Assign a brand and select the product type. Products marked as Professional are supplies that you use internally, while those marked as Retail are items for sale.
  5. Choose the product's main category and other categories, if necessary.
  6. Add a barcode and an SKU.
  7. Enter the price and the tax rate.
  8. The retail price will be calculated based on the price and the selected tax rate:
  9. Select a measure unit from the drop down and enter units per 1 package information.
  10. Optionally, add a product photo.
  11. You can also add description of the product in the Description tab:
  12. Select suppliers in the Suppliers tab.
    Tip: If you haven't added any suppliers, you can add them in the Inventory > Suppliers tab:
  13. Click Save.
Tip: To modify the stock levels of products in your inventory, use documents (Inventory > Documents). Documents will help you stay in control of your stock levels and add or remove items.