Booksy allows you to create your own digital client base so that you can keep all important details in one place and easily communicate with your clients.

In order to add a client:

  1. Select clients from the left sidebar
  2. Click the + icon at the bottom of the page:
  3. Enter the phone number and the email address - adding either of them is required to create a client record
  4. Enter the name
  5. Optionally, add a client discount (the discount will be applied to all transactions)
  6. Optionally, mark this client as Trusted (Trusted Clients don't have to make prepayments or pay cancellation fees)
  7. Add the remaining details, such as Tax ID, address and birthday
  8. Add tags. You can enter multiple tags and separate them with commas or spaces. Based on the tags, client groups will be created, to make it easier for you to perform bulk actions on a group of clients, such as send an automated message
  9. Optionally, add a client photo, by clicking the + icon under General Info:
  10. Click add to add the client to your client base or add and invite if you want to add the client and send them an invitation to use the Booksy Customer App and book appointments online.