To better suit the needs of your business, we have prepared two Booksy experiences - Lite and Pro. You can choose the version you need and switch to the other one at any time, if you decide you want more or fewer features. You won’t be charged additionally for upgrading to Pro.

In both versions it's possible to add multiple employees. The number of staff members you can add depends on the subscription plan you have selected.

Booksy Biz Lite

Designed with independent business owners in mind, Booksy Biz Lite is a simple, mobile-only solution. You get access to the mobile app only where you can schedule appointments, manage your clients, set up marketing features and process transactions. You don't have access to the more advanced features, such as Reports, Inventory or Packages and Memberships.

Booksy Biz Pro (Mobile and Tablet)

Our fully-featured solution for tablet, web and mobile, designed for busy teams that need a more advanced solution. The core features are available in the mobile app and if you sign in on your tablet or computer, you will get access to all the available features.

Both Booksy Biz Lite and Pro have the option to enable online booking for clients through the Booksy App for Customers.

See the breakdown of features available in Booksy Biz Lite, Booksy Biz Pro Mobile and Booksy Biz Pro Tablet in the chart below: