You can decide on the delivery method of each campaign and message that you send. You can either hand it over to Booksy and let us select the way of communication that will bring you bookings or choose an SMS/push notifications and/or email yourself. Note that you have a limited number of free marketing SMS.

In order to change the delivery method:

  1. Select Marketing from the left sidebar:
  2. Select Message blasts.
  3. Select the campaign or custom message you want to send from the list below.
  4. Click the Edit buton at the top of the page.
  5. Scroll down to the Delivery method section.
  6. Select the Optimized delivery (recommended) option if you want Booksy to choose the best way to reach your clients.
  7. Select the Choose your delivery method option if you want to choose the delivery method yourself.
  8. If you've selected the Choose your delivery method option, use the toggle switches to enable SMS, Push notification (free) and/or Email (free).
    Tip: Select the checkbox next to the Send SMS if push notification isn't available option if you want an SMS to be sent only when it's not possible to send a push notification.
    Tip: If you disable both the SMS and Push notification options, the Email option will stay enabled.]
  9. Click Continue.