Booksy allows you to edit the contents of all automated campaigns and custom messages so that they match both your brand identity and your needs.

In order to edit the content of a message/campaign:

  1. Select Marketing from the left sidebar:
  2. Click Message Blasts:
  3. Select a campaign or custom message you want to edit from the list below.
  4. Click the Edit buton at the top of the page.
  5. Update the message body (both SMS/Push notification and email) and message title.
  6. Update the image, by clicking the Camera icon and selecting a new one on the pop-up window that appears (you can go through the sections on the left to find the right image) or click Upload image and select an image from your computer:
  7. Change the delivery timeline.
  8. If you've selected the Send later option, select the date and time of day from the drop-down lists below.
  9. Change the delivery method.
  10. Click the Continue button at the top.
  11. The changes are saved. You can now activate the campaign or continue to sending the message.
    Tip: You can always undo the changes by clicking Reset to original template at the bottom of the page.