If you want to add services that you perform at client's location to your service list, first you need to set up Mobile Services in your Booksy settings. You can select one of the following options:
  • I work at my place only
  • I work at my place and client's location
  • I work at my client's location only
Selecting the second and the third option allows you to add services which require traveling to clients.

In order to enable Mobile Services:

  1. Select Business settings from the left sidebar.
  2. Click Business details.
  3. Select Location & mobile services.
  4. Click the working mode under I work:
  5. Select At my place and client's location or At my client's location only and click Save.
  6. Click Continue to complete the setup.
  7. Click Edit and select the price type for your travel fee.
  8. If you have chosen Fixed or Starts at, enter the travel fee.
  9. Select the maximum distance you are willing to travel to your clients.
  10. Optionally, enter your Travel & Fee Policy, i.e. any rules or additional information your clients need to be aware of.
  11. Click Save.

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