Booksy can automatically calculate staff member commissions on services, products, gift cards, memberships and packages at checkout. First, you need to set default commission rates - they can be the same for all staff members or you can define individual commission rates for each staff member. Once you've done it, commissions will be calculated automatically and accounted for in staff commissions reports in the Stats & Reports section.

In order to set commission rates for staff members:

  1. Click Staff Management & Resources in the left sidebar.
  2. Select the Commissions tab:
  3. By default, commission rates will be set for all staff members. If you want to customize them per staff member, first select the staff member's name from the drop-down menu:
  4. To set the commission rates for services, products, gift cards, packages and memberships, click the field with percentage next to it:
  5. Select the commission type (percentage or a fix amount).
  6. Enter the value.
  7. Click Save.
    : You can also set a default commission rate for each service individually. To do it, click the down arrow next to Services and select a category. Then enter the commission rate for each service: