When adding a new service, apart from the basic details you need to add, there are a few advanced settings that you can customize for each service individually, such as the booking intervals, processing time or the availability of the service for online booking.

Tip: You can customize the settings when adding a new service or later on by editing it.

In order to customize advanced service settings:

  1. Select Business settings from the left sidebar:
  2. Click Services setup.
  3. Select a service you want to customize the settings for from the list.
  4. Click the Settings tab:

    You can customize the following settings:

    Allow self-booking - if this option is switched on, your clients will be able to book the appointment online through your Booksy Profile. Otherwise, you will need to add them to your calendar manually.

    Mobile service - if you mark a service as mobile, it means that you are willing to perform the service at a client's location.
    Tip: In order to enable the option, first you need to adjust the Mobile Services settings in Business details > Location & mobile services.

    Virtual appointments - if you enable this option, you will be able to offer this service online. Then, once a client books a virtual appointment, you will both receive a dedicated link to an online meeting that you will use to connect at the scheduled appointment time.

    Service color - once you add an appointment to the calendar, time slots booked for respective services will be highlighted in their colors.

    Booking Intervals - these will define the intervals which clients can book appointments with. E.g. if you set it to 30 minutes, clients will be able to book every thirty minutes (9:00, 9:30, 10:00, etc.).

    Padding time - you can set extra time before or after an appointment for admin work or cleaning. The padding time will not be available for booking.

    Processing time during/after the service - some services require a processing break (e.g. color), during which you can attend to another client while waiting to perform the second part of the service. Processing time is bookable for other clients and can be added either during or after the service. If you set processing time during a service, first set the duration of the break and then set the length of the first part of the service (e.g. 30 minutes after 1 hour means that the first part of the service will last 1 hour and then there will be a 30-minute break).

    Parallel clients - you can set the maximum number of clients who can book the service at the same exact time.

    Tax rate - the default tax rate for services is set in Business settings > Advanced options > Point of sale & retail. Here you can set an exception for a service.
  5. Once you've customized the settings, click Save.