Apart from automated campaigns, Booksy allows you to create one-off custom Message Blasts that you can send to clients at any time.

In order to create a custom Message Blast:

  1. Select Marketing from the left sidebar:
  2. Click Message Blasts:
  3. Click the Edit message button at the bottom:
  4. Enter the message body of the SMS/Push notification.
  5. Click Add media to add a picture that will be displayed in an email message.
  6. Enter the email message title.
  7. Enter the message body.
  8. Select the delivery timeline.
  9. If you've selected the Send later option, select the date and time of day from the drop-down lists below.
  10. Select the delivery method.
  11. Click Continue.
  12. See the message preview on the left and click Continue.
  13. Select clients who you want to send the message to. All clients are selected by default. If you want to deselect any of them, uncheck the box next to their name.
  14. Click Send message to clients ...
  15. You will see a summary and an estimated cost. Click Send.