To keep tabs on your inventory and facilitate placing orders with your suppliers, you can add suppliers in Booksy.

In order to add a supplier:

  1. Click Inventory in the left sidebar
  2. Select the Suppliers tab:
  3. Click the + icon in the right bottom corner to add a supplier
  4. Add the supplier name
  5. Provide the tax ID number as well as the contact details
    Tip: It is recommended to add the supplier's email address. Thanks to that, you will be able to send a stock order document to the email address when adding a stock order in Booksy.
  6. Enter the supplier's address (these fields are required)
  7. Click Save.
Once you add suppliers, you can assign products in your inventory. To do so, go to the Supplier tab in the product record in Booksy and select the supplier you want to assign it to: