Categories of products will help you manage your inventory and make searching for products much easier. In Booksy, you can create categories and subcategories. Once you create categories, you can proceed to adding products. Each product can be assigned to one main category and several other categories. You can assign a category when creating a product or edit a product to add it to a category later on.

In order to create a category:

  1. Click Inventory in the left sidebar
  2. Click the + icon in the Categories section
  3. Add the category name
  4. If this is a subcategory, select a parent category. Otherwise, All products will be selected as the parent category:
  5. Click Save.

In order to add an existing product to a category:

Tip: You can also assign a product to a category when adding the product.
  1. Click Inventory in the left sidebar
  2. Find the product you want to assign to a category on the list of all products and click it. You can use the search bar:
  3. From the Main category drop-down menu select the category you want to assign the product to:
  4. You can also assign it to several other categories, apart from the main one. To do so, select the checkboxes next to relevant categories from the Other categories drop-down menu:
  5. Click Save.