In Booksy, there are several default groups of clients, which are created automatically, based on different characteristics of clients from your client base. Thanks to them, you can easily contact a group of people who haven't visited you for a long time, have just booked their first appointment or have a birthday within the coming week.

To access client groups, select Clients from the left sidebar and then click the Groups tab:

You can also create your own custom groups by adding client tags in the client record.

In order to create a group of clients:

  1. Click Clients in the left sidebar.
  2. Find the client whose details you'd like to update and click their name. You can use the search bar above the list:
  3. Click Add tags:
  4. Add a tag, e.g. #vip and click Save.
  5. Based on the tag, a new client group will be created. All clients with the tag will be added to the group.