You can change the date and time of an appointment in two ways. The easiest way is to simply drag and drop the appointment to a new time slot on the same day or to another employee.

Tip: If you want to reschedule to a different day within the same week, to be able to drag and drop an appointment, you need to switch to a week view, click Staff & Resources on the left under the calendar and apply a filter to view the calendar of one employee:

You can also reschedule an appointment by editing it.

In order to reschedule an appointment:

  1. Click appointments in the left sidebar
  2. Click the appointment you would like to reschedule
  3. To change the date of the appointment, click the date and select a new one from the calendar:

    Tip: If the appointment is today, instead of the day of the week and date, you will see "Today".
  4. To change the time of the appointment, click the drop-down menu under Start and End and set the new time:
  5. Click Save changes.