With Booksy's integrated checkout process, you can quickly check out appointments as well as sell products, gift cards, packages and memberships. You just need to add items to the cart and you can proceed to payment.

In order to add a sale:

  1. Select Checkout from the left sidebar:
  2. Click Select a client or leave empty for walk-in if you want to sell something to a client from your client base or check out their appointment. You can leave the field empty in the case of walk-ins:
  3. In the Quick sale tab, you will see your most popular items. You can select one of them or change the tab in the menu on the left to a relevant one. For example, if you want to check out an appointment, click the To be charged tab:
  4. Click the items you want to add to cart. On the right, you can see the preview of your cart.
  5. Once you add all items to the cart, you can add a discount by clicking the Plus button:
  6. Optionally, you can specify the staff member you want to assign the revenue and commission for the sale to by clicking the Assign sale button next to Assign sale. You can also add product usage information by clicking the Usage button next to Usage in the cart.
  7. Click Continue.
  8. Select the amount of gratuity, if applicable.
    Tip: First you need to enable the staff tips option in Business settings > Advanced options > Point of sale & retail > Tips settings.
    You can also split the gratuity between two or more employees by clicking the Split gratuity button:
  9. Select the payment method.
    Tip: You can select more than one payment method. To do so, select the Split payment option and choose the payment method in the Payment section below:
  10. If you've selected cash, enter the amount received and click Charge.
  11. Once the checkout is complete, you can send the receipt to the client. To do so, click the Send button on the receipt, enter the client's email, and click Send. You can also issue an invoice or edit the sale by clicking the More button: