Packages will help you encourage clients to visit you more often and let you combine multiple services into a single experience. Offering a series of treatments at an attractive price will certainly help you increase the number of repeat visits and acquire more regular clients. In Booksy, you can create package templates and sell them to your clients, who can then redeem them for eligible services.

In order to create a package:

  1. Select Gift cards & bundled services from the left sidebar:
  2. Click Packages.
  3. Go to the Manage packages tab:
  4. Cick the + button in the right bottom corner.
  5. Add the package name and description.
  6. Enter the package price.
    Tip: It can be less than the package value to encourage your clients to the purchase.
  7. Select the expiration date from the drop-down menu in the Expiration field. You can select Never, if you don't want the package to have an expiration date.
  8. Select the tax rate from the drop-down menu in the Tax rate field.
  9. Add services that the package will include:
  10. Once you add a service, enter the number of occurrences that the package will include:
  11. Enter the price for each individual service in the package. This price will not change the price of the package and can be different from the regular price of the service. The value will be accounted for in reports and cash registers once the package is redeemed:
  12. Click Save.