Before you start managing your calendar and bookings in Booksy, you need to make sure that you have your service list set up. First services have been created for you automatically based on your business category when setting up your account. You can edit and categorize them as well as add new ones later on.

In order to add a service:

  1. Select Business settings from the left sidebar:
  2. Click Services setup.
  3. Select Services.
  4. Click the + button at the bottom of the page.
  5. Click Add service:
  6. Enter the service name.
  7. Select the category.
    Tip: If there are no categories on the list, create them first. To do it, click the + button and then select Add category. It is recommended to categorize services to make it easier to manage them. Services will also be displayed in categories they have been assigned to on your Booksy Profile.
  8. Specify the service duration:
  9. Select the price type from the drop-down menu:

    You can choose one of the following price types:
    - Fixed
    - Varies - the price isn't fixed but can vary depending on the service details. If you choose this price type, you won't have to set the price
    - Don't show - the price is fixed but won't be shown on your Booksy Profile
    - Free - the service is free
    - Starts at - there is a price range that you can set but the actual price will be set during the appointment
  10. Optionally, click Add pricing option to add more variants of the service:
  11. Assign staff members to the service. By default, all listed staff members are assigned to the created service. You can change it and assign the service only to particular staff members.
  12. Optionally, assign the service to resources in the Resources tab > Find out how to add a resource:
  13. Optionally, add photos of the service and a short description in the Details tab:

    Tip: The picture and description will be displayed on your Booksy Profile.
  14. Optionally, enable the no-show protection in the No-show protection tab.
    Tip: First you need to set up mobile payments.
  15. Set more advanced service settings in the Settings tab > Read more about advanced service settings.
  16. Optionally, create a message to clients in the For client tab. The message will be sent to them 1 hour before the appointment:
  17. Click Save.