Booksy allows you to set up your own booking rules, so that you can plan ahead and eliminate surprise appointments. Establishing rules will let you optimize your booking settings to make sure your calendar fills with bookings while you are busy with work.

In order to change booking settings:

  1. Select Business settings from the left sidebar:
  2. Click Advanced options.
  3. Select Booking settings.
  4. Use the Automatically confirm bookings toggle swtich to set whether you want your clients' online bookings to be confirmed automatically. If you disable the option, you will receive notifications about any new booking and will have to confirm them manually:

    Tip: Note that it might happen that more than one client requests an appointment at the same time.
  5. Use the Avoid gaps between services toggle switch to set whether you want Booksy to adjust your available time slots to remove gaps in your calendar. If you enable the option, Booksy will recommend time slots that are neighboring your existing appointments, so that no empty slots which are difficult to fill are left in your calendar:

    Tip: Note that enabling this option will result in fewer appointment options for your clients.
  6. From the Booking window drop-down menu, select how much time between the time of booking and the appointment time you require. E.g. if you select 1 hour, clients will be able to book online up to 1 hour before the desired appointment time and after that booking the slot will no longer be possible:
  7. From the Future booking drop-down menu select how far in the future your clients can book appointments. E.g. if you select up to 3 months, clients will not be ale to book a time slot for a further date than 3 months from now:
  8. From the Rescheduling drop-down menu, select how long before an appointment a client can reschedule:
  9. Click Save.