Once you add your staff members in Booksy, the next step is to set up their working hours, so that clients will be able to book appointments with them online. By default, staff shifts are set to match your business hours. You can update them to reflect your team's availability.

In order to set up staff member working hours:

  1. Select Staff management & Resources from the left sidebar:
  2. Go to the Shifts tab at the top of the page:
  3. Click Day or Week to select the type of view which is more convenient for you:
  4. Select the date or date range for which you want to set shifts.
  5. Click the Edit button next to the employee name to set working hours for the whole week:

    Tip: If you want to edit the working hours for a single day, click the same button on an individual shift:
  6. Use the toggle switch to set the days when the staff member works.
  7. Select the start and end time of workshifts for each day:

    Tip: You can also add breaks during each working day. To do so, click + Add Break on the right.
  8. Select the timeframe when the changes should be made effective from the drop-down menu:
  9. Click Save.