Gift cards are a great way to offer your clients a gift idea, at the same time increasing your revenue and promoting your business. In Booksy, you can create gift card templates and sell them online via you Booksy Profile, if you choose so. You can create gift card templates for all or selected services and select different expiration dates.

In order to create a gift card:

  1. Select Gift Cards & Bundled Services from the left sidebar:
  2. Click Gift Cards
  3. Go to the Manage Gift Cards section in the left side menu:
  4. Click the + icon in the right bottom corner
  5. Add the gift card name and description. If you decide to sell them online, the name and description will be displayed on your Booksy Profile
  6. Enter the gift card price, which is the amount the customer will pay for it
  7. Enter the gift card value, which is the amount it can be redeemed for
    Tip: The value doesn't have to be te same as the price. If you want to encourage clients to buy gift cards, you can enter value which is higher than the price.
  8. Click the drop-down menu next to Expiration to set the expiration date:
  9. Select the tax rate, if tax applies
  10. By default, the gift card is valid for all services. If you want to limit the gift card to selected services, click the Edit Services option and select the services:
  11. Click save.
You can sell gift cards during the checkout process. If you choose to sell them also online via your Booksy Profile, you need to add payment details, so that clients are notified how they can pay for the gift card (e.g. add the bank account number where they can transfer the amount). The payment details will be displayed during the purchase process and sent to clients by email after they complete the purchase. To add payment details, go to Gift Cards & Bundled Services > Payment Details:

All purchased gift cards will be available in the pending orders tab in Booksy:
Once you receive the payment from the client who ordered a gift card, go to this tab, select the order and then click confirm payment. Only then the gift card will be sent to the provided email address.

Clients can choose whether they want to buy a gift card for themselves or a friend. If they choose a friend, the gift card will be sent to the friend directly and they will get an email with confirmation and payment details.